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liothyronine (T3), levothyroxine (T4)

The FDA requires that when you buy cytomel t3 on the packaging of all prescription drugs liothyronine sodium sold in the United States, was attended by the following warning: “Previously, the thyroid medications that has hormone activity, alone or together with other therapeutic drugs used in the treatment of obesity. For euthyroid patients, doses required buy to maintain daily hormonal levels are not effective to reduce weight. Large doses may cause serious or even life threatening manifestations of toxicity, especially in combination with sympathomimetic amines used as drugs that cause anorexia”.

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    Oral steroids

    T3 and T4 (liothyronine), 30 + 120 mcg/tab. (100 tab.)

    liothyronine (T3), levothyroxine (T4) by GENESIS
    [ 30 + 120 mcg/tab. (100 tab.) ]

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