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Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

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Not every newcomer knows that hormonal changes unambiguously change when steroids are used. The active ingredients found in steroids reduce the body’s natural testosterone production, therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of side effects, you must be very careful.

To control the level of progestogen and estradiol, experts recommend the use of drugs, but the reduced level of testosterone production still remains the same. Therefore, after completing the cycle, it is necessary to carry out PCT, which not only helps to resume the natural production of the male hormone, but also returns the previous level of efficiency to the body.

For this reason, many athletes prefer to choose the correct PCT before building a steroid cycle, no matter what the price of the drugs included in its composition.

PCT effect

Any after cycle therapy is aimed at restoring the body after taking steroids, including the resumption of the processes of natural testosterone production. However, you should remember that it is no longer possible to return the production of testosterone to the previous level no matter how competently it was composed after the course therapy, and whatever the cost of drugs included in it.

Moreover, if anabolic steroids were not taken in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, and the pituitary arc was seriously distorted, then PCT would not help. But, when completing a cycle of AAS it is worthwhile to carry out PCT, otherwise the secretion of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones, which directly affect testosterone production, may be irreversibly impaired.

If the PCT is ignored, the body will spend more than one year on its own recovery. Do not forget about what hormonal stress the body undergoes with reduced natural testosterone production.

Thus, with the help of PCT, it is possible not only to speed up the recovery processes, but also to bring the natural testosterone production to the maximum level.

Recommendations for the PCT

Before you buy drugs for PCT, you should consider some recommendations for the PCT. First, it is necessary to begin therapy after the completion of anabolic steroids. However, one should not forget that an incorrectly chosen PCT may not only be undesirable, but also increase the stress received by the body from taking anabolic steroids. Therefore, before completing the cycle of some anabolic steroids, one should start taking new ones without conducting an intermediate PCT.

PCT between cycles should be started only when there is a break between taking steroids for at least three months.

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